Online Ordering System (OOS)

Lian OOS

LIAN's Online Ordering System (OOS) is a powerful tool for efficiently prescribing TCM formulas and ordering products. The new OOS is a revision of the previous OBS with a completely new user interface and simplified ordering process. The ordering system integrates a TCM knowledge database and various expert systems. This allows you to directly access TCM expert knowledge on formulas and herbs or to order selected prescriptions by using an expert system.

You can log in from anywhere with any operating system using any common browser and place an order even when you are on the road, whether its on a tablet, iPad, smart phone or a laptop. All you need is Internet access and your personal login details.


NEW IN LIAN's Online ORDERING system (OOS) 

Intuitive operation through a simplified ordering process with graphic elements

  • The ingredients of ready-made/patent formulas are now displayed in granule orders
  • You can manage patient data yourself (e.g. changes of address and health information)
  • You can store individual, chronologically ordered notes and comments for each patient

Raw herb prescriptions with one-of-a-kind service

  • Packing according to different cooking processes (pre-cook, standard, add near end)
  • Preparation of cooking instructions
  • Raw herb prescriptions available either in cut or ground form. Grinding available in two grades of fineness (fine and coarse)
  • Raw herb prescriptions packed either in plastic bags or filter bags


  • TCM Knowledge Database
  • Possibility to create your own formula templates
  • Over 1000 formula templates from known authors
  • Expert System - flowcharts with treatment suggestions from TCM authors
  • Conversion using granule concentration factors
  • Automatic text suggestions for usage instructions
  • Easy repeating of orders
  • Monitoring of contraindications and maximum doses - Red Flag System


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