LianBao - Herbal & Rice Congee


Item no. 14069
Package size: 230 g


Quick & easy - our ready-made breakfast for everyday use. Mix in the evening with water in the pot, let swell overnight, boil briefly in the morning and ready is the optimal start to the day.

The sweet and nourishing da zao and bai he together with the aromatic and warming lan gui, chen pi and sha ren give a fine taste. bai bian dou, lian zi and rice strengthen the center. Our power congee gives a lot of strength as well as energy for the whole day. Complete blend with herbs and rice

Chinese herb composition 

da mi Oryzae Sativae Semen Rice
da zao Jujubae Fructus Chinese date
lan gui Cinnamomi Verum Cortex Ceylon cinnamon
bai bian dou Lablab Semen Album

Hyacinth bean

lian zi Nelumbinis Semen

Lotus seed

bai he Lilii Bulbus

Lily bulb

chen pi Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium

Tangerine peel

xi sha ren Amomi Frucuts var. Xanthioides


TCM properties

Qi Tonifying***
Moisture transforming***
Xue tonifying**
Yin tonifying*

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