New measuring spoon beginning 11 September 2023


The new measuring spoon for granules/mushrooms/crude drug powder from Lian

We have sustainability news for you! Starting September 11, 2023, we are introducing our brand new eco-friendly measuring spoons. These measuring spoons are made from rapidly renewable resources, are 100% degradable and come from Switzerland.

One of the most important changes concerns the size of our measuring spoons. Instead of the previous small measuring spoons, where it was often a challenge to get a heaping spoon out of the herb package, we have now created measuring spoons with a much longer handle. This means that starting next week, you will no longer need the term "heaped". One level measuring spoon now equals about one gram. If you are working with the pre-made usage instructions we will, of course, adjust the instructions accordingly. Please note that in the case of prescription repeats, the existing usage instructions are not overwritten and must be adjusted manually.

In addition, we will no longer use additional packaging for our measuring spoons to further reduce the environmental impact. We are sure that you will welcome these practical changes in our new, sustainable measuring spoons.

Thank you for supporting us in our sustainability efforts. We look forward to continuing to offer you high-quality products and develop all-around solutions that protect the environment.


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